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Virtual reality (VR) games are the newest and most exciting way to play video games. These immersive experiences take the fun, entertainment and excitement factor to an entirely new level, and can be enjoyed by everyone — not just die-hard gamers or tech enthusiasts.

The newest VR headsets are equipped with sensors that track your movements, allowing you to use controllers or other hand-based input devices to interact with the game world. Some VR games have additional features that are not related to gaming, such as the ability to explore an actual space using a virtual camera or to visit an art gallery without leaving your home.

Some of the most popular VR games are shooter, action and adventure titles. While some games in these genres are adapted from traditional console or PC titles, many have been created specifically for VR, taking advantage of the unique capabilities and immersive experience of the platform.

Virtual reality technology is rapidly expanding and becoming more affordable, making it possible for the average consumer to get in on the ground floor of this emerging craze. VR-compatible headsets are available for sale at a variety of retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart. Those that don’t want to shell out the money for an expensive VR headset can also enjoy immersive virtual reality content on their mobile phones or tablets, which have built-in sensors that enable them to mimic the effects of a headset.

One of the most popular VR games, this PS5- and PSVR 2-compatible title is an awe-inspiring example of what can be done with the combination of a high-resolution screen and a motion controller that can sense the position of your hands. The result is an incredible Mario-like platformer that feels like a true Nintendo classic, with clever tools and challenging levels that seem to pop out of the PlayStation controller.

Whether you are an experienced VR gamer or just getting started, you will find this massively multiplayer online game to be a blast. With a huge map to explore, the action is fast-paced and engaging. Its graphics are stunning, and it is easy to see why this game has become a staple for the platform.

This PlayStation VR-exclusive game is a must-play for anyone interested in the platform’s unique capabilities. It’s an action-packed adventure that takes place in a futuristic robo-pocalyptic world, and allows you to wield a bow and arrow or shoot enemies with your guns. It is immersive and incredibly detailed, and offers an uncanny feeling of presence.

The makers of the Myst series have crafted a delightful and spooky VR game that is perfect for fans of the franchise. The puzzles are intriguing and absorbing, and the approachable controls make it ideal for players who are new to VR gaming. The Room VR: A Dark Matter is the kind of game that can be played for hours at a time, and will keep you coming back for more.